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List of Tests Done At VanMed

B007- Glucose

B008- Bilirubin

B010- Total Protein

B011- Albumin

B012- AST

B013- ALT

B014- Alkaline Phosphatase

B015- GGT

B017- Calcium

B018- Phosphate

B019- Amylase Total

B019-1 Amylase Pancreatic

B020- Uric Acid

B021- Magnesium

B022- Cholestrol

B023- Triglycerides

B024- HDL

BO25- MBA (Lipids, Liver, Renal, Urate, Glu, egfr)

B026- Liver Function Test (LFT)

B027- Cardiac Enzymes (stat run)

B028- CK

B029- LDH

B030- CKMB

B031-Renal Function Test (RFT)

B032- Lipid Studies

B033- GTT

B035- Iron

B036- Transferrin

B037- Ferritin

B038- Iron Studies

B039- Fe Total Iron Binding Capacity

B043- HbA1c

B044- Microalbumin

B054- Cyclosporin

B062- Valproic Acid

B066- Diabetic Package

B066-1- Short Diabetic Package (FBS, Hba1c, MA, Chol, Creat, Egfr)

B068- Polycose



B095- Allergy Rast

B118- Blood Collection- Home Visit


MBAShort- *Short FBC+MBA ( Creat, egfr, Chol, Trig Ast, Ggt, Ua, Cal, Glu, FBC)

MBATSH- with option of adding TSH/PSA/ETC.. Talk to Lab



P120- FNA- Renal cyst / Thyroid gland / Breast-on

P122- Histology of tissue (overseas)

           Immunohistochemical staining 7-10 types

           Immunohistochemical staining 11 or more types



P126- Pap Smear

           Body Fluid Cytology (overseas)



B127- TSH

B128- FT4


B130- Thyroid Function Test (TFT)

B067- Troponin (Qualitative)

E349- Troponin (Quantitative)

B131- Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) Tumor Marker

B132- CA125

B133- CA 15-3

B134- Carcino-empryonic antigen (CEA)

B135- PSA

B136- HCG (Qualitative)

B137- HGC (Quantitative)

B138- FSH

B139- Progesterone

B140- Prolactin

B141- LH

B142- Oestradiol

B143- Testosterone

B149- Cortisol

B150- Growth Hormone

B151- SHBG

B153- Vitamin B12

B154- Folate

B155- Vitamin D

B156- Tacrolymus



H163- WCC -White Cell Count

H164- RCC- Red Cell Count

H165- HB- Haemoglobin

H166- Platelet Count

H167- Anti-Platelet IgG Ab

H168- ESR

H169- Full Blood Count (FBC)

H170- FBC & ESR

H171- Malarial Parasite

H172- Microfilaria

H173- Recticulocyte Count

H174- Haemoglobin Electrophoresis

H175- Blood Group

            Infectious mononuecleosis

            G6DP Assay

            G6DP Screen

H176- Antibody Screen

H177- Antibody Identification

H178- Direct Coombs Test

H179- Indirect Coombs Test

H180- APTT

H181- INR

H186- Bone Marrow Aspiration

H190- Cross Match One Unit

H191- Cross Match Two Units

H192- Cross Match Three Plus Units

H198- Coagulation Studies



M199- Blood Culture

M200- CSF- Micro Culture / Sensitivity

M201- Occult Blood

M202- Faeces Culture and Sensitivity

M203 -Faeces Microscopy

M205- Skin Scraping Culture

M206- Skin Scraping Microscopy

M207- Fungal Scrape Micro / Culture

M208- Sputum Culture / Sensitivity

M209- Sputum Microscopy

M210- Sputum- AFB & TB Culture for 3 Cons Spec

M211- Swab – Nasal / Throat / Eye / Ear

M212- Swab- Vagina / Cervix / Urethra / Rectum

M213- Urinalysis – Dipstick / Microculture

M214- Urinalysis- Dipstick / Microscopy

M215- Semen Analysis – Sperm Count / Motility / Morphology

M218- Semen Culture / Sensityvity


M220- Gram Stains- Micro

M222- Sputum AFB staining (per slide)



S222- Rubella IgG

S223- Rubella IgM

S224- Toxoplasmosis IgG / IGM

S226- CMV IgG

S227- CMV IgM

S228- EBV IgG / IgM

S230- HSV 1 IgG

S231- HSV 2 IgG

S232- HTLV I & II

S233- Measles IgG / IgM

S234- Sharps Disposal

N358- Mumps / Measeles / Varicella Serology

S236- Dengue Fever IgG and IgM

S237- Mycoplasma Igm

           Blood Lead

           Urine Drug of Abuse

           Zika IgM / IgG

S238- Leptospira IgM / IgG

S239- ASOT

S271- Rheumatoid Factor (with dilutin factor = $25.00)

S240- Helicobacter Pylori

S241- Widal

           Typhoid IgM / IgG

S242- RPR (if dilution will be done then add extra $18.00)

S243- TPHA

S245- HIV

S247- HBsAg

S248- HBsAb

S249- Hepatitis D

S250- HbcAb

S251- HBcIgM

S252- HBeAg

S253- HBeAB

S254- HAV Total

S255- HAV IgM

S256- HCV Ab

S259- Chlamydia

S260- Antenatal Screen with Paps & Urine

S261- Antenatal Basic Basic Blood / Urine

S262- Antenatal Basic Blood Only (FBC, BG, RPR HIV HBsAg)

S263- Basic Antenatal Blood & Rubella

S264- Alpha- 1 Antitrypsin

N376- ANTI D/S DNA- overseas

N377- Anti DsDNA – Local

S265- ANA Screen – Local / overseas

S266- ANCA

S267- ENA Complex

S269- CRP

B288- Canadian Medical

B289- Protein C Antigen

B290- Haptoglobins

B291- Protein C Functional

B292- Protein S Free

HIV Confirmation – CWM – $69.00

B293- Protein S Functional

NZ294- NZ Medical

S299- Torch Titer



C335- Cyto (Other Body Fluids)

H337- US Medical

            Anti Cardiolipin IgG Serology (Anti CCP IGG)

            Anti acetylecholine Receptor

H339- Direct Cross Match (w/out other test)

M341- Aspirates

AUS345- Australian Medical

N346- Paternity Test (allerged father w/wo Mum)

N347- Additional Test

N348- Repeat with alternative allerged father

N349- Repeat with alternative mother and child

N350- Urine Cathecolamines

N351- Arsenic

N352- Chromium

N353- CA 19-9

N354- IgG

N355- IgM

N356- DHEA

N357- Parathyroid Hormone

N361- Hepatitis B DNA

N362- Lithium carbonate

N363- Estrogen

N364- Blood Ethanol

N365- Thalassaemia Screen

N366- Borrelia Serology

N367- CA 15-3

N368- Complement C3

N369- Complement C4

N370- Pheladelphia Chromosome

N371- Tissue Antibodies

N372- Serum Electrophoresis

N373- Thrombophilia Screening

N374- 24 hr Urine Metaphorines

N375- Anti Basement Membrane

N378- TB IgM / IgG

            Anti TPO



             Anti Mitochondrial Antibodies

             Dehyroapiandrosterone Sulphate


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